Turkey is at the forefront of countries with the greatest potential in terms of hours of sunshine in Europe. As the significance of the solar energy is becoming more explicit day by day, the applications of this renewable energy source are diversified and the number of these applications increases across the globe.

In this project, through specific thermal processes, the solar energy is aimed to be utilized while considering the geological and climate conditions of Turkey. For this purpose, parabolic concave collector with linear focus is selected in order to maximize the efficiency of the process of accumulating the solar energy. In the concentrated solar power systems, high amount of heat loss and low rates of efficiency are considered as the problems that prevent the widespread usage of the technology and the economic value of those systems from being increased. In literature, the majority of experimental, analytic and numeric studies have investigated the effects of the parameters such as flow rate, storage, collector, heat transfer fluid and climate.

Considering both the physical specifications of collector and environmental conditions (rain and wind statistics) analysis is conducted by software program and appropriate components and material of the reflective surfaces and fluid type is determined. To guarantee the fluent use of circulating fluid a pump that meets the criteria such as efficient control of flow and pressure is chosen.

Regarding the dynamics of the system PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is selected as a controller unit, which is going to be used as a solar tracker. The program is designed to gain the maximum benefit from the solar energy. The components that are required to connect the servo motor that is used to rotate the collector are designed by considering the needed torque. The design and installation of high voltage electric panel, in which the drivers of servo motor that rotates the collector, pump that ensures the circulation of heat transfer fluid and other components of electrical scheme are located, is completed and going to be modified accordingly to increase effectiveness of the overall system.

In order to monitor and track the whole process data acquisition system, which gives data such as pressure, temperature and flow rate is designed. Therefore, it gives the required feedback to the controller so necessary action is taken. Valves that are controlled in accordance with the electronic system ensures that the flow is in the needed direction.

In further stages, the PTC system will be connected to the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) setup and provide hot oil that is needed to generate electricity. By this setup, it will be possible to generate electricity in low temperatures, which is less harmful to the environment. Additionally, to extent the running time of utilization from solar energy during the day, in other words to make use of the excess energy that is collected in daytime, a thermal storage system is going to be designed and produced.

Schematic of Overall System

Figure: Schematic of Overall System